Jackie Elton - Green and Natural Living

Hi I am Jackie and I have been interested in environmental issues for as long as I can remember.  I grew up in rural Lincolnshire on a small holding in the Fens.  On the smallholding my mum kept goats, pigs, sheep and chickens.  I helped out with bottle feeding the kids and lambs, hand shearing the sheep and angora goats, and hay making.  I went to Liverpool University for 3 years where I gained a degree in Zoology.

I have had a varied career, in different environmental fields, which included:

  • terrestrial ecologist doing plant, badger and great crested newt surveys
  • recycling and waste minimisation officer for a local council
  • Real Nappy Co-ordinator for Lincolnshire
  • Green Aspirations an ethical business selling environmental and ethical gifts

At my home in Lincolnshire I have:

  • solar PV panels for electricity
  • solar thermal panels for hot water
  • a wind turbine
  • a wood burning stove

Solar panels installed 2013

My green lifestyle includes:

  • using washable nappies on both my children
  • buying fair trade and organic products including coffee and tea
  • using cruelty free toiletries and make up
  • composting
  • buying ethical and/or organic clothing when feasible
  • being a conscious consumer – thinking about products before I buy them

Don’t worry if you are new to going green as I will be sharing lots of easy ways to go green, with simple everyday actions that will get you going green the fun and easy way.