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What is your carbon footprint?

What is your carbon footprint? Your footprint is a way of showing your carbon emissions, compared to other people and other countries. It’s your impression on the planet. By carbon emissions, we mean greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Humans produce these gases in vast quantities by doing things like burning coal, oil and gas for energy and cutting down forests. Your individual emissions are built up from the energy you use personally for electricity and travel, as well as the energy that’s required to produce your food and all the other stuff you buy, whether...

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Green and Natural Skincare – Cruelty Free Skincare

Green and Natural Skincare In today’s Facebook Live Audio, I am talking about Green and Natural Skincare.  I start by talking about how you can tell if a product is cruelty free or not tested on animals, as this is a big priority for me.  Then I go on to talk about different types of green skincare products from those you make yourself to green brands like Weleda and Neal’s Yard Organic. How to tell if a product is Cruelty Free There are 3 main logos that tell you whether a product is cruelty free: Vegan logo these products...

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Waste and Plastic Free July

Waste and Plastic Free July I have had bloggers block the past few days and life has been getting in the way of my writing.  So I decided to try doing a Facebook Live Audio, which is below.  In it I refer back to my first blog post on July 1st about how confusing and overwhelming going green can feel. I also talk about Plastic Free July and how I am so far away from being plastic free.  Having been a recycling and waste minimisation officer for a local council I have experience of how difficult it is to...

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Be inspired and recharged by nature

Nature inspires and recharges me Spending time outside whether it is in my garden in rural Lincolnshire or walking in the countryside or around a nature reserve, always helps me to slow down, de-stress and re-connect to nature.  I love to take pictures of bees and flowers.  Today was a lovely day so I visited a Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve and SSSI in the Lincolnshire Wolds, where we saw 2 species of native orchids and many other wildflowers. Part of the problem in today’s world is that many of us (me included) spend our time rushing around getting...

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30 days to a Greener Life

30 days to a Greener Life In the next 30 days I am hoping to inspire you to start living a greener life by starting to make some simple green changes.  I am starting a 30 day blogging challenge to relaunch my blog.  In the next 30 days I will be sharing posts about simple actions you can take everyday to start becoming greener, along with inspirational posts about green products, ideas and businesses. Today I want to talk about where to start. Going green or living sustainable can seem overwhelming, for many people knowing where to start is...

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