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Autumn Days and Reconnecting with Nature

 Autumn Days It was harvest festival assembly at my daughter’s school the other day and they sang one of my favourite songs from my childhood.  Autumn Days is a great song about autumn and a mixture of observing nature and what is going on in a child’s life.  Some bits of it may not be so familiar to some children now compared to when I was a child in the 80’s and I wonder how relevant it will be to my children’s children.  Will they still see “a swallow curving in a sky” or “the silk inside a chestnut...

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Nature is Speaking – Mother Nature

Nature doesn’t need people.  People need nature. The other day I came across the series of videos – Nature is Speaking by Conservation International. So I thought to help me in my efforts to write a blog post a day I would share one of the videos each day and my thoughts on the subject covered in that video. Today I am starting with Mother Nature narrated by Julia Roberts. In comparison to the earth we are insignificant. Here is a video discussing what would happen to the world if humans went extinct. Nature provides us with the food we eat, the air we breathe, the clothes we wear and much more beside.  Also nature nurtures us in other ways, on both spiritual and emotional levels, getting outside whether it is into your garden or into the countryside is a great way to feel calm.  However part of the reason why the planet is in such a state, is because many people no longer connect with the wonders of nature so don’t care about what is going on, apart from when Mother Nature screams at them like she is doing now with erratic and extreme weather conditions.  Maybe if we listen to Mother Nature when she whispers to us, there would be no need for her to scream at us....

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Autumn and a new start to my blog

Autumn already! Where has the last year gone and more to the point where have I been.  Well not writing blog posts on Green and Natural Living I hear you cry.  Well no. Have I given up on Green Living?  Hell NO!  I have still been living my green life every day, just not writing about it.  But I am back! So why did I stop writing? For me blogging can be a lonely job, my blog never seems to have lots of comments like other blogs, so sometimes it gets me thinking that “I am flogging blogging a dead horse.”  I get to thinking that people aren’t interested in what I write etc.  So I stopped blogging.  Was I missed?  I don’t know.  Maybe some of you might have missed me (hint leave a comment below if you did.) Update: While I was away I have just realised I have had lots of comments on this site, unfortunately not the comments you want on your site.  I apologise to anyone who may have come across these comments.  I am now doing my best to clean my site up and have turned off commenting in the hope this will stop all the spam comments.  So if you would like to interact with me at all please go to my Facebook page Green Aspirations or my Twitter account @GreenAspiration or...

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Gratitude and the #100happydays challenge

Have you made any New Years Resolutions?  Do you want to change your life in 2014? Well if you want to Green Up your life you are in the right place. I want 2014 to be my happiest year yet.  In the past few years I have been worn down by my worries (lots of those being a single mum with 2 children, one of whom has a diagnosis of High Functioning autism), however worrying doesn’t change things for the better it just makes me grumpy.  So I have been working on trying to remember all the things I have in my life that are going well and I am grateful for.  Today I came across #100happydays on Twitter and thought it sounded a great idea.  Now I have to be honest my attempts at daily blogging challenges haven’t been that successful in the past, but this is one photo a day for 100 days so I am going to give it a go.  The basic idea is that for a 100 days you share a picture of something that has made you happy that day, you can choose the platform that you use the most, I will be sharing on Twitter and might share the odd photo on Facebook too.  If you would like to find out more about #100happydays go to Apparently 71% of people don’t...

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Supporting Local Business this Christmas

Being a small business owner myself I know what a difference it makes buying from small local British businesses especially at Christmas.   A great place to find local products is at Christmas craft fayres or local markets.  I went to Louth Christmas market and Lincoln Christmas Market as well as Lincoln Christmas Food & Gift Fayre recently, and there are lots of fantastic businesses producing food, drink and handmade gifts. Some of my favourite local producers include cheese makers, chocolatiers, soap makers and crafters.  Kettlers Cottage Crafts make soaps, candles and skincare products.  2 of my favourite cheese makers are Lincolnshire Poacher and Cote Hill. By buying food locally you reduce the distance that food travels, packaging is reduced and you can buy food in quantities that you will use, as well as supporting local businesses.  Another good way to find where to buy local food is at farm shops and farmers markets, check out Big Barn to find local producers and farm shops near you. These gorgeous felt decorations are handmade by Popollie and I found them at Louth Christmas Market, you can see what else they make on the Popollie Facebook page. So rather than spending money with big national shops and supermarkets, why not have some fun searching out places to buy locally produced gifts and food this Christmas.  Once you have found local producers you...

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