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I am Jackie Elton and I work with busy women who are worried about the state of the environment but feel overwhelmed and confused around what to do to be greener.

Being green and eco-friendly can be easy, fun and better for your health, especially if you have access to someone that has done tonnes of research about green living and the environment.

In the blog section you can find posts about green living and my life in the Lincolnshire countryside.

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Reducing waste and recycling

Reducing waste is very close to my heart as I used to work as a recycling and waste minimisation officer for a local council back in 2000. I was also employed as the Lincolnshire Real Nappy Campaign co-ordinator in 2004. Waste minimisation and zero waste is talked about a lot now, however we still produce 26,897 tonnes of household waste in the UK in 2017 and recycled 45.7% of that waste. 

So we need to work at reducing the amount of waste we produce and recycling even more. 

Nature and wildlife

I am very lucky in that I live in the countryside and can sit in my garden listening to birdsong and bees buzzing. I can watch the bees and butterflies on the flowers that I have planted for them. One of the reasons I became interested in the environment was through species and habitat conservation via the WWF and local Wildlife trust. I also remember learning about Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring at school in Biology and I don’t want to live in a world where there is no birdsong or buzzing of bees.

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Bumblebee on pink flower


Reducing the amount of plastic we use every day, especially the type that is difficult to recycle is a great way to reduce overall waste. There are lots of simple plastic-free swaps like using a solid soap rather than liquid handwash.

Watch this video about some easy plastic swaps.

Climate Change

Climate change is the biggest environmental issue of our time as it impacts on so many other areas and is such a complex issue. However, there are lots of everyday actions you can take to reduce your own carbon dioxide emissions. Read this blog post about 5 ways to reduce climate change

5 ways to reduce climate change