30 days to a Greener Life

In the next 30 days I am hoping to inspire you to start living a greener life by starting to make some simple green changes.  I am starting a 30 day blogging challenge to relaunch my blog.  In the next 30 days I will be sharing posts about simple actions you can take everyday to start becoming greener, along with inspirational posts about green products, ideas and businesses.

Today I want to talk about where to start.

Going green or living sustainable can seem overwhelming, for many people knowing where to start is so confusing that they just don’t bother and they keep doing what they have always done.  I completely understand why people feel overwhelmed when they think about the big picture, things like climate change, the amount of waste being produced globally, deforestation,  pollution etc.  These are all big problems that people and the planet are facing, and yes it is easier to stick your head in the sand and say not my problem, scientists or governments will sort it out.  But will they?  What we have to remember  is that at the root of these big overwhelming issues, there are lots of people that are contributing to these issues and if enough people started taking small everyday actions it would make a difference.  It wouldn’t happen overnight but if enough people take an action it will have an impact.

We can all change the world with everyday green actions

With the relaunch of my green and natural living blog I will be giving examples of lots of everyday actions that we can all take to tackle some of these big environmental issues.   Hopefully, I will show you that going green or living a sustainable life can be easy, fun and save you money, all while you are saving the planet.  I will also share inspiring stories of people that are running businesses or projects that are helping people and the planet.

Living a more sustainable life can be quite confusing and I want to inspire you to start to make some small everyday green changes.  I am a realist, I realise that not everyone is like me, living on a small holding, with solar panels, a large garden and a wood burning stove.  However, we can all start somewhere.

The first thing to do is have a look at your life to work out what would be the easiest and biggest green win for you.  Would it be easy to buy a water bottle and start taking that to work rather than buy several small bottles throughout the day.  Some of you will be further on your green journey than others, so some of the everyday green actions I suggest you will already be doing.

Everyone lives in different circumstances and have different reasons for wanting to go green.  You might be on a tight budget so the actions you take might be different to someone who has plenty of money.  But look at your lifestyle now and see how you can make it a little greener.

Areas to look at in your life might include:

  • How much waste you produce? Can you make some small changes to reduce this?
  • How much electricity and gas you use? Could some simple changes reduce how much you use and save you money?
  • Are there green alternatives to things you buy every day?

I want to inspire you to see that living a greener life and having less impact on the planet doesn’t mean you have to start wearing sandals, eating lentils and wearing a rough hemp shirt, although there are some beautiful clothes that are made from hemp now.

Today is the first day of a 30 day blogging challenge I am doing, I hope you will join me throughout July and be inspired by my green blog posts.  Why not follow me on Twitter @GreenAspiration or Facebook Green Aspirations, please say Hi and ask me any questions about Green Living.