Living greener can be fun and save you money.  Here are 10 tips to reduce your waste.

  1. Reduce the waste you produce by thinking before you buy.  Do you need it?  Could you buy it second hand?  Could you buy a product with less packaging?
  2. Reuse packaging waste – glass jam jars are great to re-use for lots of things.  Reuse a pringles top to cover half full tins of food in the fridge or cat food stored in a cupboard.
  3. Always take reuseable shopping bags with you when you go shopping to reduce the number of plastic carrier bags being used.
  4. Make gifts and cards for people or buy from crafters at Craft fairs reduces packaging and helps local people trying to make a living from their craft.
  5. Baking your own cakes reduces packaging waste, taste great and saves you money.  Ali on Over a Cuppa has some quick and easy recipes if you are new to baking.  Or check out the recipes on the Be-Ro site.
  6. Always send your old clothes and shoes to charity shops or into clothes recycling banks so they can be re-used.
  7. Recycle all your cans, paper, cardboard and plastic bottles so that they can be made into new materials, saving energy and natural resources.
  8. Make your own skincare products and store in re-used containers
  9. Home compost your veg peelings, tea bags and grass cuttings.   You can then use the compost to add nutrients back to the soil.  Or if you have a kerbside collection of green waste make sure you use it, as biodegradeable waste produces methane when it rots down in a landfill site.
  10. Grow your own organic vegetables and fruit.  If you aren’t a gardener check out some blogs to learn from other people.

All these tips will help you reduce the waste you produce and some will save you money too.  To find out more about recycling have a look at the Recycle Now website.