Bras are an essential item of clothing for many women in the UK, they are often expensive but what can we do with old worn-out bras or bras that we haven’t worn much.

Sometimes we buy a bra and it isn’t very comfy but we only find out after we have worn it a couple of times, so it gets shoved to the back of the drawer. Or we buy a bra and it is comfy but then we either lose or put on weight for whatever reason, so the bra no longer fits us.

Many of us take clothes we don’t wear anymore to our local charity shop but what do you do with the bras that are stuffed in the back of your underwear drawer?

Here are 6 easy ways to recycle your unwanted bras in the UK.

1) M & S Shwop box

Drop any brand of bra off at your local M & S clothes shop to be recycled with Oxfam. The bras can be in any condition.  The Shwop recycling boxes are usually near the tills. Find out more about M & S Shwopping scheme on their website.

2) Oxfam

Take your bras to your local Oxfam shop, it doesn’t matter what state your bras are in, as Oxfam guarantees none of the clothing recycled with them goes to landfill. Some of the bras may go to a Social Enterprise in Senegal where they are sold to local women. To find out more about how Oxfam processes clothing go to their website.

3) Against Breast Cancer

Recycle your bras and help raise money for breast cancer research. Check out their website to see if there is a collection point near to you.

4) Bravissimo shops

You can drop bras off at your local Bravissimo shop and they will be recycled. For every kg recycled Bravissimo donate money to the mental health charity MIND. Bras can be in any condition. There is a map on their website to help you find out if there is a shop local to you.

5) Smalls for All Charity

Smalls for All is a Scottish charity that collects new pants, new bras, and gently worn bras, they then send them to women and girls all over Africa.  

We take for granted being able to buy bras and pants in this country but in Africa pants and bras are expensive. Many girls miss school when they are on their period because they don’t have any pants. Find out more about the work Smalls For All does on their website.

Please send new pants, new bras, and gently worn bras to the address below:

Smalls for All, Five Sisters Business Park, Westwood, West Calder, EH55 8PN

6) Breast Cancer Haven

Breast Cancer Haven has bra banks for recycling bras in Hereford and the West Midlands, check out their website to find a bra bank near you.

I hope this article helps you to easily send your old (or newish) unwanted bras for recycling rather than throwing them in the rubbish bin. Recycling and reusing items means less new resources are needed to make things, viewing something you no longer use as a resource rather than waste can help people and the planet.