Hubbards Hills

Hubbards Hills

I love taking the kids to Hubbards Hills, Louth, it is great for picnics and general outdoor fun. There is a stream that runs through the bottom of the valley and there are lots of bridges over the stream, where you can play pooh sticks. There are also several shallow places, where the kids can get in the water either in wellies or bare feet. One particular area has some stepping stones and a large grassy area for the parents to sit and watch the kids having fun, this area tends to be very busy in glorious summer weather. Remember to take a change of clothes and plenty of towels.

If you like feeding ducks then there are plenty of ducks usually found in an area not suitable for the children, on our last vist there was a duck with 35 ducklings, yes 35. We counted them as they were all laid on the bank sleeping, we think this mummy duck must have taken on several broods of ducklings, as we can’t work out how it is possible to sit on so many eggs.

There is also a quaint little cafe which sells ice creams, teas and coffees and there is the all important public toilet located at the car park near the cafe.

View from the ridge

If you like walking you can do a circular walk around Hubbards Hills, if you park near the cafe, walk through the valley on the footpath until you reach the smaller free car park where there is a flight of steps, which will take you up to walk along the ridge at the back of the golf club. Turn left onto the ridge do not go to the top of the steps. The footpath along the ridge will eventually lead you down on to Crowtree Lane, you can either cross over the road and walk through the playing fields and into Louth or you can follow the road back to the car park near the cafe.

If you fancy visiting Hubbards Hills then visit their website for directions