How old do you feel? I was 36 years young the other week, I don’t mind people knowing how old I am, to me your age is just a number. I am happier and healthier than I was 5 years ago, it would be fantastic to be even happier and healthier in another 5 years. That said it is still nice when people think you are younger than your actual age. For example, the other summer I was in Lincoln with my 2 children, and I got stopped by a man doing a survey, a couple of questions later and I was asked what age range I was in, which then was the 30-35 category. Upon being told this, the surveyor said that he did not need me to answer any more questions, as he needed people age 18-25 to do the survey. How good did that make me feel? There was obviously no need for me to go on the 10 years younger programme. Before anyone comments that knows me, no he was not wearing glasses (although maybe he needed to get some) and no there was no white stick or guide dog nearby.

At the school gate my group of friends range in age from S, who is the youngest at 28, E who is 33, then DM 38, R 40, DS and H the oldest of our group at 43. Funny how we are all different ages but at a similiar stage in our lives with children at primary school. Most of the time we don’t think about our different ages but then we will be discussing something like children’s TV programmes, we mention something like Mr Benn or Finger mouse and S will be like “What??” Then if you think about it when S was at primary school in Y5 I was busy studing for my A-levels, E would have been studying for her GCSE’s and DM (20) and DS and H (25) would have been working, so there was no chance of us being friends or having anything in common. Whereas now we all have our children and the school they attend in common, so there is always plenty to discuss at the school gate, and I value this time as being a WAHM sometimes it is the only adult company I have all day, one of the few things I miss about working at a place away from home.

What about you? Do you have friends of different ages or not?