On New Year’s Eve as is traditional I was looking back over 2011. What a year! Full of ups and downs like most years but I have met some wonderful people in 2011 and had so much fun. I seem to have fitted so much in to the last year. The other day somebody did ask me, how many hours there were in my days. Well the same 24 hours as there are in everyone elses, but I try to make everyone count.
So what have I done in 2011.
January I joined a fabulous group of ladies and a man on the Become a Mumpreneur (BAM) Course run by Antonia Chitty and Erica Douglas.
February I set up this blog with the help of the amazing Tame Techy, who was also on the BAM course with me.
March I started out on Twitter @GreenAspiration and am really enjoying tweeting, I have found some great people on twitter including @HennaHelen who supplies me with a fantastic red henna hair dye.
May I started doing a Cha cha dance class, little did I know that that was going to lead to a vast improvement in my dancing and confidence in my dancing ability. Then in 2011 I went salsa and cha cha dancing in Nottingham, Derby and Birmingham and have met so many lovely people some of whom are now friends. I now help to organise and run the iMambo salsa classes and am having so much fun. There are going to be some interesting things happening on the iMambo Salsa dancing front in 2012, lots more fun to be had with friends.
July/August I attended an interesting and informative 3 day Social Media Course, which has really helped me understand how social media works. I love interacting with people and sharing brilliant content and this course helped me to develop quality interactions with people.
September I set up Business Mums Lincs to provide networking opportunities for mums in business in Lincolnshire and set up my second blog to go with it.
October I went to Nottingham to attend the excellent Business Mums Unite Conference, where I meet loads of lovely mums in business and listened to some inspirational speakers.
November I ran my first Business Mums Lincs Social Media Workshop, which was lots of fun and a steep learning curve for me.
November and December were busy for me with Christmas craft fayres and sales from the Green Aspirations online shop

Some that’s what I did. But what about some of the amazing people I have met and that have made an impact on my life in 2011.
Carol Smith lives in Lincolnshire not too far away from and we managed to meet up for coffee in person after chatting on the BAM members forum for a while. She is a fabulous blogger and an inspiration to me, may be a blog of mine might be as successful as one of Carol’s some day.
Mandy Taylor or the Tame Techy, as she might prefer to be called, helped me so much in setting up this blog and was so patient with me in the early days of my journey into blogging. I would not be writing this blog post if not for her. Mandy is one of the very successful BAM mums, I haven’t met her in person but maybe in 2012 we might manage a BAM meet up.
Kizzy Bass is another of the BAM ladies who I have managed to meet up with for a coffee and a chat, she is lovely, very supportive of business mums and has done a great press release for me.
Then there is the wonderful Heather Bestel who I have worked with on her losing weight programme, which is excellent. She helped me with far more than my weight. I enjoyed working with Heather so much that I am going to have her as a business mentor in 2012.
Then there is another amazing business woman Rebecca Jones who gave me some great business advice that I will be implementing in 2012.

There are many other people that have contributed to my amazing year, who I have had fun with or who have inspired me. So thank you to everyone for making 2011 an absolutely amazing year. I look forward to having more fun with you all in 2012.