Green_And_Natural_LivingAutumn already!

Where has the last year gone and more to the point where have I been.  Well not writing blog posts on Green and Natural Living I hear you cry.  Well no.

Have I given up on Green Living?  Hell NO!  I have still been living my green life every day, just not writing about it.  But I am back!

So why did I stop writing?

For me blogging can be a lonely job, my blog never seems to have lots of comments like other blogs, so sometimes it gets me thinking that “I am flogging blogging a dead horse.”  I get to thinking that people aren’t interested in what I write etc.  So I stopped blogging.  Was I missed?  I don’t know.  Maybe some of you might have missed me (hint leave a comment below if you did.)

Update: While I was away I have just realised I have had lots of comments on this site, unfortunately not the comments you want on your site.  I apologise to anyone who may have come across these comments.  I am now doing my best to clean my site up and have turned off commenting in the hope this will stop all the spam comments.  So if you would like to interact with me at all please go to my Facebook page Green Aspirations or my Twitter account @GreenAspiration or take a look at my Pinterest account.

Any how, I am back for the time being and to get back in the flow, I am going to blog every day for a while.  I know, for anyone that has followed my blog, I have said this before but I am going to try again.

What do I have in store for you?

Well I am going to mix things up a bit.  There will be posts about green living of course, there will also be posts about Autism, and feminism, 2 things that I are close to my heart.  I also want to start making some of my own skincare products and remedies, watch out for my successes and epic fails, I am sure there will be both, hopefully not too many epic fails. There will also be a new contributor to the blog, my mum.  My mum is a brilliant baker (well better than me), her chocolate sponge cake is gorgeous.  She is also a gardener and keeps chickens.  She is thinking of getting a new young goat that actually produces milk, unlike our resident goat Sandy, who is living out her dotage here.  So there will be posts about gardening, baking and seasonal food, and in the spring some posts about goat keeping maybe.  Having mum on board means she will give me a kick up the bum when I am moaning about no one commenting.

What have I missed while I have been away?

Well apart from Spring and Summer, September was Organic month, around here every day is organic day and I think we should write about why Organic is so good for us and the planet all year, so I will.  With the help of mum I have made some yummy elderberry syrup ready for winter to ward of colds and flu.  My son has started at secondary school, far more traumatic for me than him, he even enjoys going to school on the bus.  For those new to my blog, who are thinking big wow he goes to school on the bus.  My son has a diagnosis of high functioning autism and when he was diagnosed at 3.5 years old, he didn’t speak and none of the specialists could tell me that he would definitely speak.  Therefore this is a huge thing for me.  My daughter has taken her 11+ and we have visited local secondary schools and are awaiting her results.  It has been nice visiting my old secondary school with her, seeing what has changed and what is still familiar to me from 20 years ago.

So whether this blog is new to you or familiar, I hope you will join me and enjoy the changes that you will see with my blog as well as the usual green living articles.  If you would like to say Hi or have any questions please comment below or follow me on Social Media and chat to me there.