Cooking Apples

Here in Lincolnshire Autumn is most certainly here. Apples and elderberries are ripe, leaves are changing colour and the weather is very autumnal. What happened to the summer this year? We managed to have one lovely day at the beach, swimming in the sea and building sandcastles and a couple of nice days out just at the end of the summer holidays. Then of course we have had a week or so of Indian summer at the end of September, which was nice but seemed quite strange and not what we are used to.

That said I like all seasons equally, and I don’t mind at all that we haven’t had a roasting hot summer. I like Autumn as it is the start of the school year, conker season, time for the Harvest Festival and Harvest Supper with stuffed chine (a Lincolnshire speciality). I have the excuse to sing Autumn Days, which is a favourite song from my childhood and my mum makes gorgeous apple and bramble pies and crumbles. I also think Autumn is a beautiful month with the leaves changing colours, red, brown and orange, the abundant hedgerows full of berries, the early morning mists that settle across the Fens. The fields as they are turned from yellow stubble to brown earth by the local farmers plough.

Hawthorn Berries.

Now we are back to autumnal weather but supposedly it won’t be long till we are hit by some severe cold winter weather. What is happening to our weather? My son told me yesterday that on Newsround it had said that there weren’t so many pumpkins and they weren’t so big due to the weather we have had this year. I am sure though we will be able to find a suitable pumpkin for Halloween.

So what is your favourite season and why?