Autumn Days

It was harvest festival assembly at my daughter’s school the other day and they sang one of my favourite songs from my childhood.  Autumn Days is a great song about autumn and a mixture of observing nature and what is going on in a child’s life.  Some bits of it may not be so familiar to some children now compared to when I was a child in the 80’s and I wonder how relevant it will be to my children’s children.  Will they still see “a swallow curving in a sky” or “the silk inside a chestnut shell.”  If you aren’t familiar with the song watch the video below.

Many people are disconnected from Nature, therefore do not value it.  As a child I would play outside making mud pies, riding my bike, trying to catch butterflies in a net or simply laying on my back watching the clouds in the sky float by.  Now children don’t play outside as much because of fears about child safety, instead they stay indoors and watch TV or play on computers, so this disconnection from Nature will be worse for future generations, if we don’t do something about it.   As an adult I love standing under the cherry plum tree in early spring, listening to the drone of the bees buzzing as they fly from one blossom to the next.  This time of the year I love to see the beautiful shiny brown conkers that fall from the horse chestnut trees around my daughter’s school, still a sign of autumn along with the orange and brown leaves that fall from the trees.  But what does the future hold for us and our children, if we don’t start to value nature?

“Who knows?” I hear you cry, as you bury your head firmly in the sand not my problem.  Someone else can fix it, a scientist will save the planet.  I heard Emma Watson say this quote in her “He for She” UN speech recently and it is partly responsible for me starting to blog again.


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If not me, who? If not now, when?

Basically saving nature and the planet does not have a quick and easy solution.  It will take many different people with different skills, ordinary people like you and me, to say “Yes there is a problem with the way we live our lives and yes I am willing to try to change, to come up with a different, better way of living, to help heal the planet for future generations.”  Many people doing small easy steps can make a huge difference, but more people have to first be willing to accept that there is a problem.

What can you actually do today?  Get out into nature and enjoy re-connecting with it, whether it is looking up at a night sky at all the stars, or taking a walk in a local park and finding a place to sit and listen to what sounds of nature you can hear, or going out into your garden and looking what insects and birds you can see.  Even better take someone with you or spread the word and tell someone about this blog or what you are doing.   In the coming weeks I will be sharing simple green hints and tips that you can incorporate into your busy life.

If you have any Green questions or comments then please leave them in a comment below.