Cherry plum blossom without bees

Last year I was very lucky to meet Brigit Strawbridge and hear her talk about her passion for bees. I attended a fabulous Green Living Workshop organised by Brigit, which covered wormeries and bokashi buckets (more on that in a later post), making your own natural skincare products, ethical fashion and Brigit talking about bees. The day also involved a tour of the Big Green bus, which is now at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Anyway back to Brigit and bees, I think most people have heard about the decline in the honey bee population but I doubt many people would know what to do to help the bee population. Well firstly Brigit has a lovely bee blog, with lots of information about bees and what we can do to help.

Cherry plum tree in flower

Above is a photo from a couple of weeks ago of my cherry plum tree in full blossom, and when I was stood next to it I could hear the steady drone of all the bees that were busy pollinating the flowers and harvesting the nectar. I tried unsuccessfully to take a picture of a bee on the blossom, instead I got some lovely pictures of the blossom. My garden has been organic for the past 8 years and I have areas set aside for wildlife, in fact at the moment alot of it is set aside for wildlife as I am behind on the weeding. This year I am going to plant some more bee friendly plants as well, in my wildflower area there will be Red Clover, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Cornflower, Greater Knapweed and Tufted Vetch. In my herb garden the bees will like my Comfrey, Lavender, Chives, Mint and Fennel and I will be adding some Borage, Rosemary and Sage.