Firstly this post could be considered by some as a sponsored post or at least a posted that I have a vested interest in, as I sell Bam Bamboo Socks over on Green Aspirations, but that is because I love them and today has reminded my why I love my bamboo socks so much.

Today in Lincolnshire it is wet, windy, cold and miserable and this morning I didn’t have any clean bamboo socks, so I put on a normal pair of socks to go out in. Big mistake! The reason why I love my bamboo socks is they are so comfy and warm. However, because I wear a pair of bamboo socks everyday I forget how lovely they are, until I wear a normal pair of socks and have feet that are so cold I can barely feel them. To make matters worse I also worn them in my wellies to go get the wood in and one of the normal socks ended up under the ball of one foot, rather than staying up like my bamboo socks would have done. So today’s lesson is always make sure you have clean bamboo socks in the drawer.

So why are Bam Bamboo socks so warm and comfy?

Bam High Performance Bamboo socks have an extra layer of thickness like a sport sock, but only along the sole and heel, so they aren’t too bulky in everyday shoes. The Bamboo fabric is amazingly soft and the elasticated top means they stay up around your ankle where they should be. They also come in fabulous colours such as bright pink, deep purple, orange, lavender as well as black and navy.

So if you want to treat your feet or buy someone an unusual present try a pair of Bam Bamboo socks from Green Aspirations. They are gorgeous. Anyone that has a pair please feel free to leave a comment on why you love them too.