Nature inspires and recharges me

Spending time outside whether it is in my garden in rural Lincolnshire or walking in the countryside or around a nature reserve, always helps me to slow down, de-stress and re-connect to nature.  I love to take pictures of bees and flowers.  Today was a lovely day so I visited a Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve and SSSI in the Lincolnshire Wolds, where we saw 2 species of native orchids and many other wildflowers.

Common spotted orchid

Pyramid orchids in grassland

Part of the problem in today’s world is that many of us (me included) spend our time rushing around getting whatever jobs we have done and sorted, we don’t take time to stop and appreciate the beauty of a sunset or a flower or a butterfly.  Also many people live in cities where there is much less open space and room for wildlife.  However, maybe there is a park or community garden that is local to you that you spend time in.

Re-connecting with nature fills me with wonder and makes me want to share it with other people.  Looking up at a dark night sky filled with so many stars you can’t count them and as your eyes grow accustomed to the darkness more smaller stars appear as if by magic.  Slowing down and taking notice of what is going on around me, helps calm me down when my head is full of all the jobs I have to do and really puts things in perspective for me.  It helps to focus back on what is important to me, my family, my health and happiness.

View from Redhill across the Wolds

If it is a while since you took a walk out in the countryside why not find your local nature reserve and go for a visit, search for your local Wildlife Trust on line and see what nature reserves are near to you.  Or search on line for local walks, you never know what you will find on your doorstep if you take the time to slow down and look.