Mum's free range chickens

I am lucky to have been brought up on a smallholding here in Lincolnshire and I can’t remember a time when my mum hasn’t had chickens. Above are a couple of the chickens that roam freely around the smallholding, sometimes a little too freely when they get over the fence and into my garden. At the moment they can’t do too much damage as my garden consists of  abit of bare earth where I have been weeding and the rest has loads of weeds in it.

More of mum’s chickens

At the moment the hens are enjoying the spring sunshine and laying lots of lovely eggs, so both DD and DS had boiled egg and soldiers for breakfast. Why is toast sliced and served with egg know as soldiers? Then DS who loves eggs, had a egg mayonaise sandwich for lunch. It has been know for DS to have eggs in some form for all 3 meals in a day, when we were away for a weekend, when he was younger and had a very limited range of foods that he would eat. The chickens do lay lovely eggs with bright orangey yellow yolks.

In a couple of weeks time we should have some chicks, as a broody hen is sitting on some hopefully fertile eggs. I say hopefully as there is some doubt as whether the cockerel has done his job properly. When he was first put in with his girlfriends it took a while for him to either a) work out what to do or b) build up the confidence to approach the ladies. So hopefully in a couple of weeks time I should be introducing you to some cute chicks.

Enjoy the spring sunshine!