Purple Jute Bag

Green Aspirations range of gorgeous Jute Bags will brighten up any shopping trip and you will be doing your bit to reduce plastic bag pollution. A reuseable shopping bag reduces the need for 100’s if not 1000’s of carrier bags, if used regularly over a number of years.

Estimates for worldwide plastic bag consumption varies from 500 billion to 1 trillion annually. However if everyone got into the reuseable bag habit, this would be reduced.

Green Jute Bag Parrot Design

These Jute Bags are very strong and durable, they are 30cm wide x 30cm high x 20cm deep with soft padded short handles. Jute bags make a great alternative to plastic bags. They are sturdy so won’t split, the soft handles mean they won’t cut into your hands and they come in lovely colours and patterns. When you finally wear one out after years of use you can let it rot down in your compost heap or use it to compost leaves or whatever other use you can think of for it. Jute is one of nature’s strongest vegetable fibres and is grown in India, where 4 million farmers earn their living from growing it.

Jute Bag Sunflower Design

Already use reuseable bags? Fantastic why not buy a jute bag for a friend and try to get them into the reuseable bag habit as well. A Jute Shopping Bag can be filled with homemade jams and chutneys to make a lovely ethical Christmas present, instead of a hamper that is less likely to be used on a daily basis. Or fill a Jute shopping bag with lots of smaller wrapped presents and leave under the Christmas tree.

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