On Monday I had a rather long but very worthwhile day travelling to London for a blogger event organised by Rainforest Alliance UK to promote the start of their Follow the Frog week and the launch of their newly revamped The Frog Blog.

The Frog Blog UK

The Frog Blog UK

Rainforest Alliance are a conservation organisation that aims to prevent tropical deforestation and also support reforestation, they don’t work in areas where rainforests are already protected but where rainforests are in need of protection.  The 3 main areas that they work in are as follows:

  1. to encourage local communities to change land use
  2. to encourage businesses to use Rainforest Alliance accredited products
  3. to change consumers behaviour

Rainforest Alliance promote positive messages about making a difference by simply changing to a greener product, like the ones shown below. Even Galaxy chocolate has the Green frog logo, although it isn’t in the picture as I ate it on the way home from London.  It was chocolate what more do I need to say.

Rainforest Alliance Accredited products

Rainforest Alliance Accredited products

These products were in a lovely ethically produced reuseable cotton bag that I will be using on a regular basis.

I'm Following the Frog

I’m Following the Frog

But what does the Green Frog seal stand for, it shows consumers that a product is from a farm where standards in farming conserve ecosytems, protect soils, waterways and wildlife, while supporting safe and decent conditions for farmers, workers and their families.  For more information #followthefrog on Twitter or take a look at The Frog Blog for examples of projects that have the Green Frog seal of approval.

There is also a new video called “Hidden Consequences” for the Follow the Frog week too, check it out below.

Let me know in the comments below whether you use any Green Frog products or whether you are going to try any this week.