I love nettle tea and drank loads of it when I was pregnant with DS. Now is the perfect time of year (March to June) for fresh nettle tea, so this morning I popped out in my lovely wild garden, found a patch of nettles, cut the young heads off into my cup and then poured some boiling water over them and left to brew for 15 mins.
Stinging Nettles (Urtica dioica) are good for you as they contain iron, potasssium, Vitamin A, C and many trace elements. They are diuretic so are perfect for an internal spring clean.
Nettles can also be used in the compost heap to act as an accelerator to speed the composting process and add useful nutrients to the resulting compost. Also if you are wanting to encourage butterflies into your garden then a patch of nettles will help.
So when you are next in your garden and you see a patch of stinging nettles, think of how you can use them rather than digging them up.