Green and Natural Skincare

In today’s Facebook Live Audio, I am talking about Green and Natural Skincare.  I start by talking about how you can tell if a product is cruelty free or not tested on animals, as this is a big priority for me.  Then I go on to talk about different types of green skincare products from those you make yourself to green brands like Weleda and Neal’s Yard Organic.

How to tell if a product is Cruelty Free

There are 3 main logos that tell you whether a product is cruelty free:

  1. Vegan logo these products won’t be tested on animals or have any animal products in them.  No honey, pollen nor beeswax.  No lanolin as this comes from sheep’s fleece.
  2. Leaping Bunny this is a internationally recognised symbol against animal testing and organisations have to be inspected to be on the leaping bunny database.
  3.  PETA Cruelty free bunny there is no inspection from PETA

Natrue logo is another logo you might see on natural and organic products, part of their certification process means these products aren’t tested on animals either.

Some brands that are on the Leaping Bunny database, don’t have the logo on their products, as this costs more so if you are in doubt check the Leaping Bunny website.

Some brands do not sign up to any of the schemes but they say they don’t do animal testing, for me personally I prefer to go with brands that are signed up to one of the certification schemes above, unless they are a small company that can’t afford to sign up to a scheme.

Any brand that sells to mainland China has to test it’s products on animals to legally to be able to be sold in China.

For more information about the complex issues around animal testing check out the Cruelty Free Kitty website and their cruelty free brand list which they keep up to date.

Natural Skincare products

There are lots of different options here, a low cost and less packaged option is to make your own skincare products and I will do a post about this in a month or so.  There are lots of books about this subject or search on line for skincare recipes.  Some recipes can be very basic like a hand full of porridge oats tied up in a flannel or old tights and hung over the taps, when you run a bath, for a soothing bath for itchy skin.

Some of the natural and organic skincare brands that I like are Weleda and Neals Yard Organic, these are good quality products with lots of natural ingredients.

Do you use natural skincare products? Do you have a favourite brand or recipe?