Today I am starting a new series of posts, where people who are living an eco-friendly life tell us about themselves, how they started living a more sustainable lifestyle and inspire us to become a little greener too.

So to start things off and to lead by example I thought I would answer my own questions first, although it wasn’t as easy as I thought.

Jackie Elton - Green Aspirations

Jackie Elton - Green Aspirations

My name is Jackie Elton.  I am 37 years old.  I live in rural Lincolnshire with my 2 children, dog and cat, on a small holding that has been in the family for a 100 years.  I have lived in Lincolnshire most of my life apart from 3 years at University in Liverpool so I am a born and bred Yellowbelly.

How long have you been living a Green Lifestyle?

I was brought up on the 5 acre smallholding, where I now live with my children.  When I was growing up, mum kept goats, pigs, chickens and sheep, so I used to help out with the animals and hay making.  I suppose being surrounded by animals and living in the countryside made me more aware of the environment.  I was very interested in recycling and was a member of the WWF when I was young, so for most of my life I have been living a greener lifestyle than the average person.  My passion for all things environmental lead me into various environmental jobs including a terrestrial ecologist, a recycling and waste reduction officer, promoting washable nappies and now I run my own Green retail business, Green Aspirations.

What started you on your Green Living journey?


Chickens at Wildacres

For me it is hard to say because I have been environmentally minded for so long, but being brought up not to waste things and seeing peelings being fed to the chickens or pigs made me think about how to reduce your waste.  Then as I got older I read more about environmental issues and when my children were born I started thinking about the sort of world they will be living in another 20 years time.


What is your favourite Green product or brand? Why?

I love ethical clothing, the only problem is lots of companies either don’t go above a size 16 or have a limited range in size 16+, however Nomads clothing and Sea Salt have nice clothes in larger sizes.

What are your eco-passions?

I am passionate about promoting all aspects of Green Living to people, which is why I set up my business and blog.  I love Hemp and think it is an amazing eco-friendly plant that has so many uses.  I also love products that reduce waste or products that are made from waste.

Who is your Green Hero or someone who inspires you to be more Green?

Brigit Strawbridge is an amazing lady, who is really passionate about educating people about bees and conserving them, as well as living more sustainably with nature, rather than against it.  She posts interesting links on facebook and I love reading her bee blog.  I had the pleasure of meeting her back in 2010 at a Green Living Workshop and I can’t wait for our paths to cross again.

What are your top 3 tips for easier Green Living?

Think before you buy! Do you really need that or are you just impulse buying or beingGreen Aspirations Logo persuaded to buy something you don’t need by clever advertising.

Think before you throw something away! Could someone else use it or could it be re-used or recycled?

Support the local economy by supporting local businesses!

What advice would you give someone who is thinking of going greener?

Look at your life and decide what would be easy to change, could you make the effort and recycle more.  Start small and keep changing little things for greener alternatives.  For example work at not wasting food, then the money you save, could be used to buy local organic veg.  Or whatever works for you.  Read blogs and books to see what other people do, to give you inspiration and ideas.

What is your Eco sin? An area in your life that you either won’t or can’t change.

Baths are my Eco sin.  I love to have a lovely long soak in the bath with a good book, to relax.  I know I should shower but it is not the same, the book tends to be ruined.

Who would you have at a Green Dinner Party (alive or deceased) and what would you eat?

I would love to have Gerald Durrell, Dian Fossey and Jonathan Porritt at my dinner party, all of them have inspired me in some way on my green living journey.  On the menu would be some locally produced seasonal organic vegetables and Lincolnshire sausage with a homemade raspberry trifle for pudding.

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