Hello and welcome to Green and Natural Living.

I am a busy mum, who owns her own green retail business, lives in the country and lives a eco-conscious life. Although I am greener than the average person I am no where near perfect. Living in rural Lincolnshire I rely heavily on my car both for business and day to day family use. Although I work from home the majority of time, I also travel about the county for networking and training events, to give talks and have stalls at various functions.

The purpose of my blog is to hopefully inform and inspire people to try to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, not everyone can live on a smallholding like me or would want to, but everyone can reduce the impact they have on the planet and save some money along the way.

I’ll also be posting about the ups and downs of being greener than average, including the odd disaster along the way. So here is to me trying to show you that it is easy than you think to go green!