I love natural skincare products, however they can sometimes be a bit expensive, so why don’t you have some fun making your own natural skincare products?

Homemade Skincare Products

Homemade Skincare Products

There are lots of advantages to making your own skincare products:

  1. You can personalise your own products so if you love lavender and lemon you can use those essential oils in your products, or whatever you like.  Be careful when using essential oils some can cause skin irritations if used incorrectly.
  2. You will be able to have organic skincare products far cheaper than you can buy them for in the shops.
  3. Get creative and have fun trying out different recipes.
  4. Never run out of your favourite product again.
  5. Re-use pretty glass jars and containers, reducing what rubbish goes to landfill.
  6. If you want your products to be fairtrade and organic you can choose those ingredients but if you want cheaper products then you can use those instead.
  7. Make up recipes as and when you need them, so you don’t need to use preservatives in your products.
  8. Use some of the things you have got in your kitchen cupboard to feed your skin.
  9. No animal testing guaranteed.
  10. You can avoid any ingredients that your are allergic too or don’t like the smell of.

An easy way to make a scrub is to use sugar or salt mixed with oil and whatever essential oil you like for fragrance.  Here is a great recipe for a Lemon Hand Scrub and uses ingredients that you would might already have in your kitchen cupboard.

Ingredients from your kitchen cupboard

Some ingredients from your kitchen cupboard that you can use to make skincare products.

Some ingredients that you can use to make skincare products include olive oil, honey, sugar, lemons, nettles and pot marigolds.

If you want to use ingredients that are less easy to find at the supermarket and local health food shops, take a look at Summers Naturals website, they have ingredients like essential oils, waxes, herbs and clays as well as bottles, lids and jars.  I have used the site in the past and was impressed by the quality and service.

There are lots of good books telling you how to make your own skincare and bath products one of my favourites is by Neal Yards Remedies.  I will be doing more posts about making your own skincare products including tried and tested recipes I love.  If you have a great skincare recipe please leave a comment.