Okay so this post has very little to do with Green and Natural living but as this is my blog I can post what I like. However, if you have read my about section, I do mention that I love salsa dancing. Well actually I love to dance whether it is Salsa, Cha Cha, Jive, Waltz, Quickstep or dancing at a¬†club or round the kitchen as I don’t often get out to clubs these days. I also love music, the more up beat and positive the better. So until I find the time to do a second blog I will be doing the odd music post.

So my first song is a song that I have only come across in the last couple of weeks and I love it. I was introduced to it at a salsa party and it was played again on Tuesday at my Salsa class. It is a perfect summer song positive and bright, with some fantastic lyrics and it already holds happy memories for me and hopefully over the summer I will have lots more fun whilst listening to this.

I hope you like it too.