So it is New Year’s Day, the day some of us resolve to lose weight, get fit, spend less and try to be happier in 2012.
Well what about Green New Year’s Resolutions? Here are ten of my Green Resolutions for 2012.

1) Slow Down and appreciate the amazing natural world around me
2) Buy less
3) Reduce what goes in my household waste bin
4) Plan my meals
5) Bake more
6) Grow my own veg
7) Grow more wild flowers for bees
8) Get a goat
9) Bike with the kids to school when the weather is nicer
10) Change to a green electricity supplier

I will go into more detail about my resolutions in individual posts later in the month.

Do you have any Green resolutions? I would love to know what yours are. Or are you going to try a few of mine? I wonder how many of you might try number 8?

2 down 29 to go