I was sent a My Pocket Buddy Hand Sanitiser from Opure to review.  Firstly I don’t use a regular hand santitiser on my kids or me and I don’t use wet wipes as I dislike the smell and the taste they leave behind.  I also don’t like the idea of all the nasty chemicals in them.  So I was excited when I was asked to review this product.  When I recieved My Pocket Buddy I tried it out, no odour or taste that is good and no stickiness. So I put the pen in my bag and sort of forgot about it, until I took my son out Kayaking on our local river and it was snack time.  A couple of squirts on his hands and he was eating his crisps with no fuss at all, brilliant!  So anytime we are having a picnic somewhere, out comes My Pocket Buddy.  It is also great used with a tissue for cleaning up sticky fingers.

My Pocket Buddy Hand Sanitiser

My Pocket Buddy Hand Sanitiser

I think this product is brilliant below are a list of the features that I love about it:

  • It is easy to slip in your bag or even a coat pocket for when you are out and about.  Or you can put it in with a packed lunch for children going on trips
  • It is great value at 0.96, yes I have typed that correctly less than a £1 or £2.88 for 3 Buy My Pocket Buddy Hand Sanitiser here
  • It has no odour or taste
  • My Pocket Buddy is easy to use and doesn’t dry your skin
  • If you have more than one child, each child can have their own and write their name on it to save arguments

Here is the information that Opure says about My Pocket Buddy

This product is great for mums with children, but I would also say it would be great for people that go camping or anyone that works outside and maybe can’t get to wash their hands.

I love this product and would highly recommend My Pocket Buddy and would give it 5/5

This review is my own opinion of the product.  I was sent 2 My pocket Buddy pens to try, so that I could write this post.