Yaoh Hemp seed moisturiser

Yaoh Hemp Seed moisturiser

My bathroom cabinet is full of natural lotions and potions from my favourite natural skincare companies, so I thought I would list a few here.

Hemp seed oil is fantastic for all skin types as it actually feeds the skin with omega 3 and 6 oils, it is also particularly good for dry skin and sensitive skin. Innocent oils do a little 5g tin of hemp seed oil , which is brilliant as a lip balm or if I have a bit of dry skin on my fingers. For moisturising your face with oil, the Luna and Angel Drops are gorgeous and come in a little roll-on container.

Green People have a brilliant range of organic skincare products for young skin, make-up, baby range, haircare and suncare. They do some of the products as travel size, so you can buy them to try before buying the normal size.

Yaoh Hemp Seed Moisturiser, I sell these, they are great value and can be used as a moisturiser for the face, a hand cream and a foot cream so that they can save you space as well as money. There are no SLS, paraben, palm oil or synthetic fragrances in these products. They are also Vegan accredited.