Nature doesn’t need people.  People need nature.

The other day I came across the series of videos – Nature is Speaking by Conservation International.

So I thought to help me in my efforts to write a blog post a day I would share one of the videos each day and my thoughts on the subject covered in that video.

Today I am starting with Mother Nature narrated by Julia Roberts.

In comparison to the earth we are insignificant.

Here is a video discussing what would happen to the world if humans went extinct.

Nature provides us with the food we eat, the air we breathe, the clothes we wear and much more beside.  Also nature nurtures us in other ways, on both spiritual and emotional levels, getting outside whether it is into your garden or into the countryside is a great way to feel calm.  However part of the reason why the planet is in such a state, is because many people no longer connect with the wonders of nature so don’t care about what is going on, apart from when Mother Nature screams at them like she is doing now with erratic and extreme weather conditions.  Maybe if we listen to Mother Nature when she whispers to us, there would be no need for her to scream at us.