Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

This is my first attempt or attendence in a Blog Hop. I came across this on the wonderful Old Fashioned Mummy blog and it sounded right up my street. As well as being into Green and Sustainable Living, I am a very into trying to be as positive as I can (difficult sometimes with depression but I love a challenge), so everyday before I go to bed I thank God for all the wonderful people, events and things in my life. So here are a few people and other stuff I am grateful for.

1) My family
I am a single mum and I have to fantastic children, Andrew (8) and Sophie (7), yesterday Andrew came and told me that he was glad I was his mum and that I am the best mum in the world. In my opinion I am far from the best mum in the world, but then I guess most kids think their mum is the best in the world. I also have the best mum in the world, who helps me out in so many ways, from cooking scrummy sunday lunches, to looking after the children when I work or when I want to go out dancing or to the cinema with my friend.

2) BAM – Become a Mumpreneur
Back in January I joined the Become a Mumpreneur course and through it, I have met online some lovely ladies and started blogging and tweeting. The lovely ladies that have inspired me are Michelle at Old Fashioned Mummy, Ali at Over a Cuppa, Emma at Mums Business Directory, Mandy at Tame Techy helped me so much to set up my blog and Antonia, Erica, and Carol over at BAM.

3) A perfect day at the beach
Last week I had a fabulous day with my kids and a friend and her 3 boys at Huttoft beach, living in Lincolnshire we are only 30 miles from some lovely beaches. It really was a perfect day, it was lovely and sunny with a slight breeze so not too hot. I was able to be in the sea with some of the kids, while my friend Ruth was on the beach with the other children. The day cost the price of 3 icecreams and petrol money and was so much fun. Also the weather seems to have gone down hill since then so we picked the perfect day.

Right that’s me done for today as I need to go tidy up and then have some fun with my kids.