Hello Dancers
This is not my usual Green Living post, but anyone that knows me will know that my other great passion in life is salsa dancing. Yesterday I travelled to Birmingham (not very green, but there were 4 of us in the car) to go salsa dancing with a group of friends. We all had wonderful evening of dancing, chatting, laughing and some drinking. At the end of the evening there was a friendly contest between 2 of the dance teachers demonstrating some shines. Shines are basically an excuse to show off some fancy footwork and for the ladies to do some styling. Some salsa dance teachers teach a shine at a beginning of a class as a warm up before they move on to teaching a turn pattern.

Me salsa dancing 2011

I love salsa, as I have always loved to dance and I love a challenge. The main challenge for me is relaxing and trusting a man to lead me. In every other area of my life I lead and I am in charge. So allowing someone else to be in control, even for 3 minutes for a dance, is something I find a challenge. Salsa is a fantastic way to keep the body fit and the brain active. It is also a brilliant way to meet people in the past 3 and half years that I have been dancing salsa, I have met some lovely people and made some great friends. So if your New Year’s Resolution involves getting fit, having fun, learning something new and meet people try a few lessons in Salsa dancing but be warned you might become a Salsa addict like me. If you are interested in finding out more about Salsa, there will be a new salsa blog in 2012.

Here is one of my favourite salsa tracks.

So for me 2012 started out with me having lots of fun, with a group of friends, doing something I love.
How has 2012 started for you?

3 posts done 28 to go.