Deeply Clean Mitt

Yesterday was another lovely spring day here in sunny Lincolnshire, however all the sun coming through my conservatory windows made me realise I needed to do some serious cleaning. So after I picked the kids up from school out came my wonderful Deeply Clean cloths, I love them so much I sell them over on Green Aspirations. Yesterday I used the Deeply Clean Mitt to clean the wall that my dog has a tendency to rub up and generally make a mess of, the Mitt is fantastic as it lifts the dirt and then I use the multi-purpose cloth to wipe it away to leave an amazingly clean surface using just water and some elbow grease.
Next the windows, being a bit of a perfectionist, windows used to be a nightmare for me, as I used to get so annoyed when I had put so much work in and then I would notice a smear. Not any more, now I use my plant spray and my ultra gleam cloth, hello gleaming smear free windows and mirrors every time.
Deeply Clean cloths last ages and are great value for money, the Bathroom pack has a sponge for cleaning the bath, sink and tiles, a multi-purpose cloth for dusting, and an ultra-gleam cloth for windows and mirrors, all for the excellent price of £5.49. Then you also save money by not needing to buy chemical cleaners and you save water as you don’t need to rinse away the chemical cleaners either.

Yes I know they sound too good to be true, so how do they work? Basically, the cloths are made of macrofibres with thousands of tiny non-abrasive bristles, which dig deep to remove and then hold on to the dirt. The fibres are also super-absorbent so soak up water and allow you to clean with out smearing.

Happy Spring Cleaning!