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Coming out of hibernation

It feels as though my Green and Natural Living blog has been in hibernation for a while. No posts since the end of January, but I have been having a good think about where I want to take my blog. So in the next few months there...

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An Amazing 2011!

On New Year’s Eve as is traditional I was looking back over 2011. What a year! Full of ups and downs like most years but I have met some wonderful people in 2011 and had so much fun. I seem to have fitted so much in to the...

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January Ultimate Blog Challenge

As I haven’t posted on here for a while I have set myself the challenge of completing the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Throughout January I must post 31 blog posts, of at least 100 words, so no Silent Sundays. The hope is this...

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Change to Good Energy Renewable Energy Supplier

Click this Good Energy Affiliate link and we will both get £50 off our next bill, when you change to Good Energy.

I have been with Good Energy for a number of years and have found them to be an excellent company.

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