The other Sunday I took my son Kayaking with Slea Paddlers on the Witham at Kirkstead Bridge, Woodhall Spa.  As I am trying to get fitter I decided to go for a walk along the Water Railway heading towards Bardney, as I was walking I took some pictures and was inspired to write a blog post.  The Water Railway route runs from Lincoln to Boston, the majority of the route is along the old Railway line from Lincoln to Boston.  Most of the Water Railway is tarmac so it is great for walkers and cyclist, but do be careful when you are walking with children as a cyclist might be behind you.  Along the route you will come across information boards like these, telling you about the route and the local area, which is great if you are taking children for a walk.

Kirkstead Bridge Information board
The information board below, is telling you about the Spa that gave Woodhall Spa it’s name.  If you click on the images, they will appear large so you can read the writing.

Woodhall Spa - taking the waters

As the railway line has been disused for a long time the grass along the side has a variety of different wildflowers, so is a great place to take children on a nature walk.  Why not take a few extra things with you so children can create memories of their walk, like a sketch book and some pencils.  Or allow them to take pictures, if like me they don’t enjoy drawing.  Make up a nature kit including a magnifying glass and identification book for things you find along the way.

Bird's Foot Trefoil

Bird’s Foot Trefoil

Another reason I like walking along the Water Railway is because you never know what you might see, like 3 metal sheep crossing the path.

Metal Sheep Sculptures

3 Metal Sheep crossing the path

And a fourth sheep is laid down in the grass.

Metal Sheep 1 lying down

Metal Sheep lying down

Just beyond the metal sheep is another information board, this time it is about butterflies you might see while you are walking, again brilliant for children.

Butterfly Board

Then on the way back I saw a Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly on a Thistle Flower, which very kindly stayed there long enough for me to take a photo of it.

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly on a Thistle

A few more things I saw on my walk including a bumble bee on some comfrey, some oxeye daisies and a flower that I am not sure what it is.

Bumble Bee & Oxeye Daisies

Bumble Bee on some comfrey & Oxeye Daisies

Where do you like to go walking in Lincolnshire? Walking is free and is a great way to get kids outside enjoying nature as a family.