Why does it matter what you put on your skin?
Your skin is the largest organ in the body.  The skin is responsible for protecting the body from bacterial attack, feeling your way through the environment, regulating temperature and helping the body to detoxify.  The skin helps in the detoxification process by expelling toxins in sweat via the sweat glands.   At one time it was thought that the skin didn’t absorb anything, however now we know that certain compounds such as essential oils, certain vitamins, steroids, hormones and some chemicals can be absorbed by the skin and enter the bloodstream.   It is thought that 60% of the ingredients in skincare products that are applied to the skin enter the bloodstream.  The body can absorb 2kg of chemicals through the skin in a year.  So if you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly why put products on your skin with artificial chemicals in?  Do you know what chemicals are in skincare products?  Why should you care?

What's in your moisturiser?

We all want to have healthy, young looking skin, however using moisturisers with lots of man made chemicals in them, may not be the best way to get it, no matter what the TV adverts might want you to believe.  Studies in the UK have found that many customers do not read ingredients labels on toiletries and cosmetics because they are too difficult, too confusing, too small writing or they trust the brand so don’t bother.  Here is a great post about how to read skincare product labels and what to avoid.

Natural skincare products tend to have high levels of natural plant based ingredients, which are good for your skin and are renewable.  They are less likely to have been tested on animals or to contain animal derivatives in them.  However, some products that are labelled natural are not as natural as they might claim.  So in my next blog post I will explain what to look for in natural skincare products to get the best product for your money.